Welcome to the Movement!


-a special day where good people across the world join together to say bullying sucks by pledging their support to victims.

The Basics:

What? International STAND UP to Bullying Day is a special event in which people across the world who have signed a special “pledge shirt” join together in wearing them to:
  • 1)  Send a loud, non-confrontational message of resistance to bullies
  • 2)  Identify themselves to victims as a source of support willing to help
  • 3)  Draw attention to the effects of bullying, and stimulate passive bystanders into action
What? The stand is taken globally; with pledge shirts and services being made available to schools and workplaces in 25 different countries. All registration takes place online.
How? Each participant must pledge themselves and their community members by signing their name to the back of a special pledge shirt. Participants are then notified before each STAND to make sure they wear it throughout the day during each event. Shirts can be ordered at any time and are the same for each event.
When? Although International STAND UP to Bullying Day normally takes place on the last Friday of each month (during the school year), we are currently backordered on a number of shirt sizes for new participants, so we have designated Friday, June 27th, 2014 as the next unified STAND to ensure everyone wishing to participate will have a shirt to sign and wear with those who have already STOOD UP!
Who? To date, more than 3500 schools, workplaces and organizations representing more than a million people have taken the STAND. Although the movement has been primarily North American based, it's quickly spreading across the globe and is expected to continue gaining momentum. (See all registered participants here (please note the map has not been updated in some time but we're working on it!)

Latest News

Full Restocked for June 27th:

We're fully restocked in every size and orders for pink pledge shirts to sign and wear are being placed within 48 hours of receiving them! Thank you to everyone who was affected by the backorder for their patience.

Size Changes:

Backordered Sizes - March 28th Next Day:

Our campaign is gaining a lot of momentum and as a result we are currently backordered on adult size medium, large and XL shirts in English, in both Canada and the USA. This will delay delivery of any order containing those sizes. To be safe, we have postponed February's stand to March 28th to make sure new participants have their shirts in time. We still encourage past participants to wear their shirts on February 28th but we will be promoting March 28th as our next International STAND UP to Bullying Day.

Why Pink?

The color of the STAND UP pledge shirts, is based on a campaign started by Travis Price and David Shepherd, two senior students who took a stand against a freshmen student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. This act of leadership provides a great example for those who are "on the fence" about displaying their own personal stance against bullying.